TUNE IN TO Kommerce Kings Podcast
TUNE IN TO Kommerce Kings Podcast
$25 Million From His Garage
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the amazing Chris Lee. Chris is a recipient of the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Award and a member of the Clickfunnels 8-Figure Award. Chris's Solgen business in the first 12 months did just north of $25 Million. Chris has a very interesting story behind his entreprenurial journey that you have to hear. Chris went bankrupt and clawed his way back to the top, and says that he is willing to go all in because he knows what it is like to be at zero. 
The Man Who Strokes Checks to Gain Speed
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the incredible Dean Graziosi. Dean has truly done everything and it was an honor to have him on the podcast. I hope you get as many golden nuggets as I did interviewing him. Dean teaches us how to make a not to do list and an exercise that he does every week that helps him climb to the next level. What are you going to do to make it to the next level?

Becoming Wealthy At A Paradigm Level
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the incredible Jim Fortin. Jim's mission on this podcast was to get people to shift their thinking in how they show up in life. In this episode Jim shares some crazy stuff that you will just have to listen to understand. Jim is a leader in his feild of unconscious and brain-based strategies that will blow your mind. Jim truly has cracked the code on how to tap into your unconscious mind and loves to help others unlock the ability. So strap in and get ready for some amazing stuff.

Lead a Life of Mastery
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the amazing Michael Maher. Michael is the author of one of my favorite books "The Seven Levels of Communication". This book has taught some incredible things that you will just have to watch the podcast to find out. Throughout the podcast we talk about the incredible strength that appreciation has in one's life, though you might get lost in how much appreciation we have for one another, I am certain you will learn what it truly means to appreciate. So buckle in and find out what it means to "lead a life of mastery" with Michael Maher.
The Lucky One Who Escaped
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the amazing James Schramko. James started his career at a Mercedes Dealership managing employees but soon realized that the long hours of working for someone else was not the life he wanted. On this episode you hear about the path that James took to be able to wake up on a Monday morning, walk out his back door and fulfill his passion of surfing without having to worry about getting in his car and driving to a 9-5 that so many people believe is the only option. James really does describe FREEDOM in this week's podcast and it's worth a listen. James truly is the lucky one who escaped!

Lives In Puerto Rico, Sells Millions, All Through Using His Voice
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the amazing John Lee Dumas. If you don't know who this is you live under a rock. John has one of the best business podcasts. John has done from the day he started to the date of this podcast 2,071 episodes. He has been recording a podcast a day for 5 years. John lives in Peurto Rico in an amazing house that you will just have to hear about and some tips as to why you should live in Peurto Rico. If you want to be blown away and learn how John made millions off his podcast with only 3 employees then you have to check this out. 

A CEO's Mindset That Moves The Needle!
On this weeks episode we sit down with the amazing Vinnie Fisher. Vinnie is the author of one of my favorite books "A CEO's Mindset". Vinnie shares with us some amazing things about his life that you would never expect like when he was $30,000 in debt after receiving Marketer of the Year 2x in a row and the phone call he received in his driveway that lead to a crucial decision for his business and life. Vinnie also shares some awesome tips about what he looks for in a person when hiring. Vinnie tells all in this weeks episode of Kommerce Kings Podcast.  
The Boring Billionaire!
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast Alex Hormozi, the soon to be "Boring" Billionaire, shared SOO MUCH amazing value! If you haven't heard of Alex he is the owner of gym launch and the Lord of the Gym Lords, where he teaches gym owners the 5 Core Functions to a business: lead generation, lead nuture, sales, fulfillment, and ascension. Through this Alex has been able to generate 500 Clickfunnels affiliates and not to mention...so much PROFIT! 

The Genius Behind Over 500 Best Selling Books
On this week's Kommerce Kings Podcast Rob Kosberg, the famous water bottle drop story that has changed my life and has made me the entrepreneur that I am today. If you haven't heard about the water bottle story then you are in for a treat as I get to tell the story with the legend himself. Rob has published over 500 books and tells us what he does to prepare for a book launch. Also, Rob tells us about his ups and downs as he has battled his way from the bottom to the top multiple times. So hold on tight as you listen to this week's episode. 

From Driver to Navigator
Ezra Firestone explains how he went "from driver to navigator" in this weeks Kommerce Kings Podcast. Ezra shares with us how ecommerce changed his life and why he believes its the easiest way to start your own business. Ezra has ran multiple kinds of business models and explains why ecommerce is the best. Ezra also shares one of his biggest blows that he recently took in his business and shares how he overcame that struggle. Ezra also gives us an inside look at his views on wealth creation and what changed his life to get him to where he is today. So buckle up and watch this weeks amazing episode of Kommerce Kings Podcast!

Remember Why You Started
On this weeks Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the amazing Tony Grebmeier or should I say "Tony G". Tony tells us his life story and the things that have shaped him into the man that he is today. Tony has had some dark times in his past, but with the right mentors he has came back from a million dollars in debt and seconds away from taking his life. Tony's life has been one wild rollercoaster and he has been just trying to hold on. Listen in as Tony shares his incredible life story and gives you a different perspective of what matters in your life and to always, "chase the wins, study the lessons, and never quit!"

Beginning Pastor Sells $10MM Company
On this weeks Kommerce Kings Podcast we have the awesome Ryan Moran. Ryan has been a entrepreneur since he was 18 years old. He has started many business that he has been able to sell for some serious money. Ryan tells us about the feeling of getting a check for 10 Million dollars and the pressures that came with that. Ryan has a lifelong goal of owning the Cleveland Indians major league baseball team. "Space which we pursue what excites us" is Ryan's definition of freedom. Ryan believes that freedom is his religion. So tune in as Ryan shares with us his ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and how he rolls with the hits. 
Creating a Billion Dollars in Revenue Through Relationship Capital
On this episode of the Kommerce Kings Podcast I talk to Jay Abraham as he shares some of his top secrets in creating massive amounts of revenue through relationship capital. Jay discusses three universal ways to grow a business, and for our advanced entrepreneurs; three advanced ways you can grow your business. Jay shares with us why any business has infinite resources and capabilities that can be utilized as business leverage. In this episode you will discover why I took on Jay as my personal business mentor for my two business, coaching and NGOA, and how Jay has influenced many creative ideas that we now implement.
"Inspect What You Expect" Generates $100MM Companies
Let me just say what an amazing podcast this was with Mike Filsaime! I'm sure you are wondering what "Inspect what you expect" means...well... I guess you will have to watch to find out! Mike Filsaime was the Co-Founder of Kartra, Webinarjam, as well as Everwebinar! While Mike has generated multiple $100M Companies, his success didn't come right away. From having to overcome pawning his wife's engagement ring to getting turned down by different sales management positions. Mike will say that one great thing that came from his past was understanding the value of a dollar. While his friends may laugh that he is flying southwest, it's also keeping money in his pocket!

Jon Benson Sharing His Incredible Life Story
Jon Benson tells all in this weeks Kommerce Kings Podcast. Jon Shares some incredible stories about his life journey that you have to hear to believe. Jon is in the middle of an incredible project called Copy Pro that he has put his heart into. He shares with me the battles he has had to overcome to create and live such a lavish lifestyle. Jon is living the "American Dream" and he is not afraid to tell exactly what it took to get there. Jon also shares some of his other exciting projects that he is working on like his fitness project called, "4 Day Diet, 5 Day Keto" and also a relationship book that he is working on called, "Epic Love." So take a seat and listen in to this weeks Kommerce Kings Podcast.
The 'Hero' Behind a Following of Over 55,000 Paying Clients
It was awesome to catch up with Russell on our podcast! As I am sure you are all aware, Russell has been building a movement of people for years now! The one main question I asked Russell is, " How do you build a movement?" This small question is a huge struggle for many entrepreneurs- internal and external. Russell said something that really stuck with me, "People are secretly wanting to be led." People are not following the apple on the back of the phone but the person behind the mission. That person we call the 'Hero'. 
Goat Farmer Sells and Keeps Selling $2,000 Books!
Dana Derricks flew in a couple weeks ago and beside all of the crazy copy and ideas flying everywhere!... We got a chance to record a Kommerce Kings episode. I will say, I have to give Dana a lot of props for being able to write 1 book! Nonetheless 4! Not to mention... for his most expensive book, every customer who purchases the book he made $10 dollars a page! That is just crazy! Listen in on how Dana Derricks sells his books for $2000 a piece!

How to Know The Right Time to Sell Your Business...
On this episode of the Kommerce Kings Podcast I talk to Roland Frasier about how he uses his leads to bring in income and bridge companies together and make income off of that without doing any of the heavy lifting. Roland explains and shares what your company needs to be doing to have the maximum selling price. He shares with us the secrets that will have your business stand out above the rest. Roland also shares with us the best time to sell your business and what you should be doing to get maximum offers. Listen in as Roland Frasier tells all in this Kommerce Kings Podcast.
Drew took a whole new meaning to "walking in your clients shoes!" To think that he was able to gain 75 POUNDS in 6 months and lose all of that weight in the same amount of time... is CRAZY! What did take a long time for Drew was the cashflow, but it certainly paid off in the end! Now drew has a full Keto diet plan and an amazing story to connect with his clients! Listen in for more of Drew's journey!
How Drew is Building Massive Wealth Through Inner Beauty of His Company
It is absolutely amazing how Drew has built such a beautiful company all within 5-7 years. Of course it wasn't all easy for Drew, there were many pitfalls and downhill movements. For example, Imagine writing checks to employees, knowing there is no money even in your bank account!--This was Drew. I don't want to spoil it, so listen in on how Drew found a creative way to write checks to his employees every two weeks and keeps his employees insanely motivated!
How Peng Destroys Social Media Strategically Through Content
It's incredible we were able to grab Peng for a podcast considering his night is our day!... but in this 30 minutes we picked Peng's mind on how he absolutely DESTROYS social media! A lot of us just post when we think we have something that is worth posting, but imagine if you could strategically place all of your content in a way that it is optimized for grabbing leads. 
From Sone Cone Business to $100 Million A Year Called TAPOUT
Creating a BRAND is essential to growing your business! Without a brand, how are you suppose to grow and scale your business? While you may be able to drag customer in through paid traffic, everyone wants those organic customers that were FREE of charge! Listen in to how Dan Caldwell created a $100 Million business called TAPOUT!
The Guy Who Created Many Chat
If you are not on many chat...YOU NEED TO BE! Imagine what you could do by simply messaging your customers through Facebook messenger! A LOT right? Many chat makes that completely possible and I thought I new a lot about many chat until this podcast! Get ready to explore the many ways you can use many chat in your business!
From Divorce, To Famous, To Congressman
Sean and I went to war in this episode of Kommerce Kings!... Get ready for some major "bullet" points. Sean Whalen first started in the real-estate business and soon learned the truth to growing a huge following. Honesty. He thought running away from those things he had done in the past was the smart choice, when in reality he should have been speaking about it a long time ago! Listen in to Sean's phenomenal story! 
Shopify Vs. Funnels... The Answer Is Finally Revealed
In this week's episode of Kommerce Kings, Tanner and I talked about how you can implement Shopify into your business! While he is still using Clickfunnels, he found a way he could implement a store (Shopify). And Let me tell you...Its crazy! I'm still confused on the crazy routing Tanner is using in Shopify and Clickfunnels! 
A One Man's Mission Creates a $30 Million Movement
TIME FLIES!... When Garrett and I had first started, it was hectic...but we were committed and there is still a lot we hadn't figured out...
      Garrett threw out an amazing point! He said, "If you ask anyone in my team 'what we have accomplished', They will probably tell you nothing. Because we are always solving problems." And that's amazing because if there aren't problems in your business... then you aren't moving forward. If you shy away from problems...then you aren't moving forward. You have have to be committed to solving problems.
From Painting Homes to Launching a $3.29 Million Webinar
In Jason's company he looks for two main things: The overall strategy of the company and conversion.... What does a customer need to hear to do business with you instead of the competition? That is huge! Because it is so important to get one ahead of your competition. When they are taking days off you should be in the office grinding...
$250,000 in Revenue Selling Trump Hats
Politics is huge in our society and anything that can make you a quarter of a million dollars is even bigger! He made it all happen in just a few short months! One thing I always talk about is relevancy in business. Shawn took it to the next level and killed it.
Which is better "Done For You" or "Done With You" Services?
What is the difference between "done for you" and "done with you" services? Kim gives us the run down on how she changed her whole life by building her OWN business and not other people's business! Think about it... If you are out there growing other people's business, maybe it's time to build a business teaching those people how to do it?
Meet Carl! He Only Works 8 Days a Month
Carl White is an old mentor of mine, and I'm sure you have heard me mention him quite a few times before! He is amazing at what he does! And I'm sure a lot of us entrepreneurs are probably working 50+ hours a week because we are truly passionate about what we are growing and making. Sometimes I have to take a step back and "allow" myself to take a break. I'm sure all of us would like to only work 8 days a month and still make $400,000 a month! Listen in to how Carl organizes his time and keeps his sanity!
How To Put Your Life on Autopilot
  Welcome to the first ever episode of kommerce kings! I want to start this journey by saying i'm excited to kick-off this podcast with the one and only James Friel! We want to take you thousands of feet up in the air with no interruptions, just spilling what is working now! 
Becoming An Evolutionary Hunter
It would be wrong is I was to say this was the best episode of Kommerce Kings (since its only the second episode), but the discussion Alex and I had was just down right impactful! Grab and Pen and notepad and be ready to fill it up!
Turnkey Real-Estate Investing for Entreprenuers
As an Entrepreneur, we know the true answer to creating a sustainable business is investing. That is, whether we invest time, money, or knowledge into our business. On this Episode of Kommerce Kings, learn how you can invest your money with little overhead as we dive into a deep discussion about Turnkey Real-Estate with Mark Evans!
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